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David Roberts – My first and last ‘climate hawk’ follow-up

From Grist:

My first and last ‘climate hawk’ follow-up

climate hawk

I want to thank everyone for the thoughtful discussion that’s taken place around the term “climate hawk,” on Grist and elsewhere. I’m going to round up some reactions, offer one or two more thoughts, and then explain why my fondest hope is for this discussion to end and for simple usage to begin.

First a roundup. A post soliciting ideas kicked things off, then a post introducing the term appeared on Grist, Huffington Post, Mother Jones, and ClimateProgress — there are interesting conversations going on in every one of those threads. Joe Romm wins first place for reprinting the post, explaining the term, and endorsing it all at once. Andrew Leonard at Salon had kind words, as did Milan, Chris Oestereich, and RL Miller. There was also an amusing-if-brief Twitter flurry and a new Twitter account, @climatehawks. (Who is that, anyway?)

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