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War in Context

From War in Context:

The Israelification of America

Posted: 22 Nov 2010 11:26 AM PST

As the Transportation Security Administration faces a barrage of criticism, some indignant Americans are calling for the “Israelification” of US airports — as though the security procedures used in a tiny Middle Eastern ethnocracy with one international airport could easily be scaled up for America. Ironically, Israelification is not what we need — it’s what we […]

Power and tiny acts of rebellion

Posted: 22 Nov 2010 06:28 AM PST

Chris Hedges writes: We have reached a point where stunted and deformed individuals, whose rapacious greed fuels the plunge of tens of millions of Americans into abject poverty and misery, determine the moral fiber of the nation. It is no more morally justifiable to kill someone for profit than it is to kill that person for […]

George Bush gets some advice from the Conservative Mayor of London

Posted: 22 Nov 2010 06:28 AM PST

Borris Johnson writes: It is not yet clear whether George W Bush is planning to cross the Atlantic to flog us his memoirs, but if I were his PR people I would urge caution. As book tours go, this one would be an absolute corker. It is not just that every European capital would be brought […]

The impact today and tomorrow of Chalmers Johnson

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 07:22 PM PST

Steve Clemons writes: Next week, Foreign Policy magazine and its editor-in-chief Susan Glasser will be releasing its 2nd annual roster of the world’s greatest thinkers and doers in foreign policy. I have seen the list — and it’s impressively creative and eclectic. There is one name that is not on the FP100 who should be — and […]

David Swanson: All war all the time

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 03:02 PM PST

Reprinted with permission of TomDispatch.com [Note for TomDispatch Readers: I’m sad to report that Chalmers Johnson died on Saturday.  He was a stalwart of this site, writing for it regularly from its early moments.  Without the slightest doubt, he was one of the most remarkable authors I’ve had the pleasure to edit, no less be friends with.  He saw […]

Cost of Operation Hemorrhage: $4,200. Damage done: priceless

Posted: 21 Nov 2010 12:19 PM PST

Al Qaeda no longer needs its bombs to detonate. It merely needs to toy with those who have allowed themselves to be governed by fear. By pursuing a strategy with minimal cost to itself, al Qaeda can be assured that we will inflict the maximum economic damage to ourselves because of our unwillingness to face life’s […]

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