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In These Times

From In These Times:


A Wasted Crisis: How the environmental movement missed the moment on climate change.

The Progressive Deficit Hawk: Rep. Jan Schakowsky wants to solve the deficit crisis without soaking the lower- and middle-class.

China’s New Lost Generation: Dissidents struggle against state-induced historical amnesia.

The End of Indie?: The difference between “mainstream” and “indie” music has almost disappeared.

The Politics of a New Metropolis: Fritz Lang’s newly expanded dystopian classic looks better than ever. Its vision of humanity? Not so much.

Another Sit-in Success: A group of Hispanic parents save a Chicago community center from destruction.

Debt Vultures Shot for Chanukah: Liberia is saved, but the predators are not done.

Invasion of the Land Grabbers: U.S.-based multinational corporations are buying up massive chunks of Africa.


Barbarism With A Human Face: Slavoj Zizek explains how “today’s tolerant liberal multiculturalism is an experience of the Other deprived of its Otherness-the decaffeinated Other.”

Let Them Drink Soda: “The millions that New York’s food stamp recipients spend annually on sugary drinks amount to a handout to soft drink manufacturers,” Terry Allen writes.

Haiti News Start-Up Challenges Conventional Reconstruction Wisdom: What if ‘cash for work’ programs are actually bad for Haiti? No one has been asking-except Haiti Grassroots Watch, Megan Tady writes.

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