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War in Context – WikiLeaks…

From War in Context:

When lives are at stake and governments choose to guard our ignorance

Posted: 01 Dec 2010 11:15 AM PST

Gary Anderson, a retired US Marine colonel, says that Julian Assange is an enemy combatant and is “as much an enemy to the United States as any Al Qaeda operative.” Not long ago an Esquire headline writer posed the question: “Should we execute Julian Assange?” “We” being the national American vigilante? “Lives are at risk” is one […]

Is Yossi Melman linking WikiLeaks to Mossad?

Posted: 01 Dec 2010 11:00 AM PST

In The Independent yesterday, Yossi Melman made an intriguing statement. Melman is the intelligence and military affairs correspondent for Haaretz and generally regarded as well informed on the operations of Mossad. He wrote: Three events – not seemingly related – took place yesterday. The leaking of State Department documents, many of which deal with the world’s […]

“Terrorism” is now a fabrication of a national security state

Posted: 01 Dec 2010 10:21 AM PST

This is not a conspiracy theory. To say that terrorism is a fabrication of a national security state is to say that when the label “terrorist” starts being indiscriminately applied to anyone who threatens the government we have taken another step towards totalitarianism. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., the incoming chairman of the House Committee on Homeland […]

Real hope is about doing something

Posted: 01 Dec 2010 09:49 AM PST

Chris Hedges writes: On Dec. 16 I will join Daniel Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin, Ray McGovern and several military veteran activists outside the White House to protest the futile and endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of us will, after our rally in Lafayette Park, attempt to chain ourselves to the fence outside the White House. […]

Tom Engelhardt: The United States of Fear

Posted: 30 Nov 2010 05:15 PM PST

The national security state cops a feel By Tom Engelhardt It’s finally coming into focus, and it’s not even a difficult equation to grasp.  It goes like this: take a country in the grips of an expanding national security state and sooner or later your “safety” will mean your humiliation, your degradation.  And by the way, it […]

WikiLeaks exposes Obama’s willingness to engage Iran as disingenuous

Posted: 30 Nov 2010 02:15 PM PST

Christian Science Monitor reports: WikiLeaks revelations that American officials were planning to raise pressure on Iran with more sanctions and a missile defense shield – even while President Obama was making high-profile public overtures to Iran – are being seen in Tehran as validation of deep skepticism from the start about Obama’s effort. Iranians and analysts alike […]

WikiLeaks row: China wants Korean reunification, officials confirm

Posted: 30 Nov 2010 01:45 PM PST

The Guardian reports: China supports the “independent and peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula” and cannot afford to give the North Korean regime the impression it has a blank cheque to act any way it wants, Chinese officials based in Europe said today. The officials, who asked not to be identified, spoke after the Guardian revealed that […]

WikiLeaks: good for Israel

Posted: 30 Nov 2010 01:26 PM PST

I didn’t come up with the headline — it’s from Israel’s pro-settler Arutz Sheva news network. And as their report makes clear, this favorable review of what has been described as a diplomatic 9/11, reflects the views of the Israeli government. Just as Benjamin Netanyahu on September 11, 2001, said the attacks were a “good thing” […]

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