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Nicole Belle – Boehner Calls Middle Class Tax Cuts “Chicken Crap”

From Crooks and Liars:

Boehner Calls Middle Class Tax Cuts “Chicken Crap”

By Nicole Belle


Rep. John Boehner, September 12, 2010:

“If the only option I have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, I’ll vote for them,” Boehner said, later adding: “But I’m going to do everything I can to fight to make sure that we extend the current tax rates for all Americans.”

That was then, this is now:

On Wednesday, John Boehner (R-Ohio) said House Democrats were playing political games for forcing a vote on extending the lower- and middle-income tax rates while Obama administration officials were huddling with House and Senate lawmakers. On Thursday, Boehner took it a step further.

“I’m trying to catch my breath so I don’t refer to this maneuver going on today as chicken crap, alright?” Boehner told reporters in the Capitol Thursday. “But this is nonsense. Alright? The election was one month ago. We’re 23 months from the next election and the political games have already started, trying to set up the next election. We had an honest conversation at the White House about the challenges that we face to get out of here and to take care of what the American people expect of us. And the roll this vote out today, it really is just what you think I was going to say anyway.”

That’s right, YOU (and the other 98% of Americans that the middle class tax cut extensions would apply) are nothing but chicken crap to the future Speaker of the House. But the millionaires? They are the MOST important thing in the whole world.

Ezra Klein looks at Boehner’s chicken crap by the numbers.

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