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John Pilger – Vietnam: The Last Battle

From Truthout:

Vietnam: The Last Battle

Friday 03 December 2010

by: John Pilger, t r u t h o u t | News Analysis

Vietnam: The Last Battle?
Looking down on a Saigon street from a second floor café window (2009). (Photo: Yves. / Flickr)

The rain sheeted down; time washed away. I looked down from the rooftop in Saigon where, more than a generation ago, in the wake of the longest war of modern times, I had watched silent, sullen streets awash. The foreigners were gone, at last. Through the mist, like little phantoms, four children ran into view, their arms outstretched. They circled and weaved and dived; and one of them fell down, feigning death. They were bombers.

This was not unusual, for there is no place like Vietnam. Within my lifetime, Ho Chi Minh’s nationalists had fought and expelled the French, whose tree-lined boulevards, pink-washed villas and scaled-down replica of the Paris Opera were facades for plunder and cruelty; then, the Japanese, with whom the French colons collaborated; then, the British, who sought to reinstall the French; then, the Americans, with whom Ho had repeatedly tried to forge an alliance against China; then, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, who attacked from the west; and, finally, the Chinese who, with a vengeful nod from Washington, came down from the north. All of them were seen off at immeasurable cost.

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