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Antiwar.com’s Week in Review | December 5, 2010

From Antiwar.com:

Antiwar.com Founder Eric Garris Talks Wikileaks with Fox’s Judge Napolitano

Friday evening, Antiwar.com founder and managing editor Eric Garris sat down with Judge Andrew Napolitano to discuss Julian Assange, Hillary Clinton and the Obama administrations’ suppression of foreign investigation of top US officials.  Video can be found here.

WikiLeaks’ “Cablegate” Most Damning Dump Yet

Nothing is more damaging to US foreign policy than the truth,” said Antiwar.com news editor Jason Ditz after WikiLeaks initiated its latest dump dubbed “Cablegate” earlier this week. Among the hundreds of thousands of documents “detailing the sordid actions of the US and foreign governments the world over… was the revelation that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered US embassies to steal credit card data from top UN officials as part of a ‘National HumInt Collection Directive.'”

Naturally, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs denied the evidence, declaring that calls for Clinton’s resignation were “ridiculous and absurd.” According to Ditz, “Gibbs went on to say that Secretary Clinton had never ordered diplomats to spy on UN Security Council officials, despite WikiLeaks’ public release of a classified document signed by Secretary Clinton explicitly ordering diplomats to spy on UN Security Council officials.” (Oh yeah, by Friday,  Clinton expressed regret for the attempted theft.)

Of course instead of promoting our right to know and lauding WikiLeaks for uncovering the illicit activity of the U.S. Government, our Congressmen are trying to brand the organization as “terrorist” and as a “transnational threat.”  They have been quick to accuse the WikiLeakers of having blood on their hands, but it seems these accusations hold no merit. And after  Lieberman leaned on Amazon.com Wednesday who quickly folded under the slightest pressure, it seems the powers that be will do anything to shut WikiLeaks down. (See “Antiwar.com Launch Boycott of Amazon.com” below.)

“As the foibles of our preening viceroys are publicized, and the enormous scale of the waste and fraud comes to the attention of the American people,  a revolution is indeed possible,” says Justin Raimondo.” That’s why the Establishment of both parties, and pundits on the neocon right and the Obamaite left, are out to knife Assange and bring down WikiLeaks. They may fight about how much to raise the retirement age, and how to divide the tax loot, but when it comes to defending the Empire — and the cult of secrecy that sustains it in a ‘democratic’ Imperium such as ours — they stand united, both red and blue.”

Press Rely on Antiwar.com: Fox Business, Raw Story, RT, and More

As the White House tried desperately to save face amid another embarrassing week courtesy of WikiLeaks, Antiwar.com experts weighed in.  At the start of the week, Antiwar Radio host  Scott Horton appeared on Fox Business “Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano.

Horton examined how WikiLeaks revealed the arrogance of an American Empire that looks down on even its closest allies and refuted claims that WikiLeaks has blood on its hands as a result of the document dump.

The next day, Raw Story covered Horton’s appearance on Fox Business noting “that revelations contained within the WikiLeaks diplomatic cables revealed Israel’s aggressive strategy for regime change in Iran.”

Quoting Horton, Raw Story reported, “There are some really outrageous things in these documents. Things that oughtta get the American people really upset. For example, the Israelis are shown to push, continually, to get the United States into a war with Iran. There’s one State Department document from August of 2007, where Meir Dagan, the head of Mossad, is telling Assistant Secretary of State [R. Nicholas] Burns that even though the CIA’s assessment of Iran’s nuclear program and our’s, that is Israel’s, are different — and, we have our deadline. If you don’t go ahead and attack, we will.

“That’s really blackmail, right there. Of course, if the United States wanted to start a war with Iran, they could at least do it their way, but if Israel starts a war with Iran, America will be involved no matter what. We’ll just — he’s basically threatening to drag us in, kicking and screaming. Of course, we have thousands of troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have the fleet in the Persian Gulf that are greatly at risk in any real war with Iran.”

In Florida, the Sunshine State News sought expert commentary from both Antiwar.com founder Eric Garris and Jason Ditz. “Ditz…who supports the release of the classified documents, insisted that they revealed that the U.S. was marching into war with Iran,” said reporter Kevin Derby.

Former CIA analyst  Philip Giraldi was interviewed on Russia Today regarding the amount of documents available to government employees and the level of classification. Giraldi says the leak is “not going to have any impact at all.”

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