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Climate Progress – Long wrong Joe Bastardi cooks the books to smear NSIDC. Time for Accuweather to fire him

From Climate Progress:

Long wrong Joe Bastardi cooks the books to smear NSIDC. Time for Accuweather to fire him.

National Snow & Ice Data Center explains Bastardi can’t read graphs and “is unclear as to how standardized anomalies are derived”

December 5, 2010

UPDATE:  Bastardi responded in the comments here.  He couldn’t bring himself to admit that his accusation of fraud against NSIDC was not merely completely unwarranted but totally inappropriate and in fact based in part on his simple misreading of a graph.  Finally, though, on Sunday afternoon, Accuweather finally took the post down and Bastardi admits in his new “Roseanne Roseannadanna” post his charge was baseless.

Note: Accuweather’s contact info is online here and below.

I suppose it is Accuweather’s business if they want to seriously undermine their credibility by employing arguably the worst professional long-range forecaster on Earth:  See Joe Bastardi asserts “The coming cooling of the planet overall will return it to where it was in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s.”

So what if Bastardi is a man who just makes crap up, like “The vast majority of the long-range private sector meteorologists can see what is coming down the road and agree with me”?  So what if Bastardi has now firmly established himself as the least informed, most anti-scientific meteorologist in the world (see here)?  So what if he can’t read a temperature anomaly map?

Why should, Accuweather, the self-proclaimed “World’s Weather Authority” care?  They are a private company and they can hire whomever they want and, Lord knows, make whatever wild claims they want about their supposed “authority.”

But Bastardi has now moved beyond the realm of bluster and bad forecasting.  His inability to read simple charts has combined with his endless quest to attack those whose data or analysis supports the well-established scientific understanding that humans are changing the climate and induced him to try to undermine the reputation of the nation’s leading Center for acquiring and analyzing ice data.  As long as Bastardi stays at Accuweather, they are endorsing his willful errors and anti-science smears — and they merit the name Inaccuweather

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