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From Columbia Journalism Review:

Slice of the Onion? The satirical newspaper and website The Onion has hit on a unique way to expand in print and get out of print all at once: The Onion has decided to franchise its print edition out to local partners. Franchisees will pay a weekly fee to license Onion content; they’ll sell their own ads, pay to print and distribute the papers, and keep the profits from the ads they sell. Lauren Kirchner reports on a unique business plan.

Here Comes Jennifer Rubin: The Washington Post’s new conservative blogger doesn’t mince words. Ali Gharib reports.

Hacks and Heroes: Who’s missing from Salon’s “biggest media hacks” list? CJR’s readers weigh in, in this week’s News Meeting.

Do the Math: Justin D. Martin argues that statistics is too pressing a global language for journalists to neglect. Statistically untrained journalists are watchdogs without olfactory cells; they’ll catch wrongdoing when it’s visible, but they lack the skill to sniff a sour deal.

Jamie Dimon, All Shiny: Our Peterson Fellow, Felix Simon, is not a fan of Roger Lowenstein’s NYT Magazine piece on Jamie Dimon, which comes complete with a positively glowing cover photo. It seems altogether too sympathetic to the man, Simon reports.

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