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California Progress Report – December 9, 2010

From the California Progress Report:

WikiLeaks Reveals Marine Reserve’s Roel in Denying Chagossian Right of Return

By Dan Bacher

A U.S. State Department cable released through WikiLeaks reveals that that the British government cynically used the creation of a massive so-called marine “protected” area, the largest on the planet, as a tool to deny the native Chagros Islanders the right to return to their homeland in the Indian Ocean.

The U.K. Guardian published this US embassy cable on its website on December 2. “The cable, part of the massive stash acquired by WikiLeaks, quotes a British diplomat saying that creating the marine reserve would stymie the return of former islanders,” noted Science Magazine reporter Erik Stokstan on December 7.

The Storm That Created The “Rust Belt” Is Heading For Silicon Valley

By: Dave Johnson
Speak Out California

This fall I was invited to cover the Keep It Made In America Tour put on by the Alliance for American Manufacturing. I spent a week driving around Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, enjoying the fall colors and visiting small towns all along the way.

I live in Silicon Valley where in spite of the high unemployment — still 10.6% — it’s still pretty nice here, so the extent and especially breadth of the decline of so many cities and towns was a shock. Everywhere you go you see America’s infrastructure crumbling! Of course I know this has been going on, but when you actually come from somewhere that is still pretty nice and see it firsthand – and everywhere – you really see it.

Governor-Elect Brown: State Budget Deficit Likley WIll Swell to Nearly $29 Billion

By Marty Omoto
California Disability Community Action Network

California’s already grim budget picture will likely get even worse, with the State’s projected budget deficit growing by another $2.7 billion to nearly $29 billion between now and the end of the 2011-2012 State Budget year that ends June 30, 2012, Governor-elect Jerry Brown said today at a budget briefing he organized for policymakers in Sacramento.  Brown said that the swelling of the projected State budget deficit could happen due to changes in federal estate and inheritance tax laws that the US Congress is considering in the final days of its “lame duck” session that will end before Christmas.

Brown, who previously was governor from January 1975 to January 1983, and currently serves as the State’s Attorney General, takes office on January 3, 2011 (Monday).  With legislative Democrats – who control both the Assembly and State Senate – and Republicans sharply divided on how to solve the current and on-going budget deficits, Governor-elect Brown hosted today’s budget forum not to offer solutions to solve it at this point, but to define the scope of the budget crisis California is facing.

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