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From Columbia Journalism Review:

This Could Make You Cry: Joel Meares hurls a pointy, oversized CJR dart at Politics Daily columnist Matt Lewis’s head-scratchingly bad piece, “John Boehner’s Crying: Is He Drinking Too Much?” The premise of the column is that there must be something deeper at the heart of John Boehner’s propensity to cry. And—leaping off of a comment from that sober voice of reason, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz—that the something deeper might be his drinking. The fact that Lewis has zero evidence for this, something he  acknowledges repeatedly, doesn’t stop him from lining up the experts and shaping a 1,200-plus word nick-of-time entry into the competition for worst column of 2010.

Now They Tell us. This week’s coverage of the Virginia court decision declaring health reform’s individual mandate unconstitutional was surprisingly thorough and contextual, Trudy Lieberman writes. But what a pity the points made in the last few days were not presented during the fifteen months the law wound its way through Congress.

No Regrets: Craig Silverman pored over a year’s worth of his Regret the Error columns and gathered a collection of comments that speak to the problems and positive developments that marked the year in accuracy, errors and verification.

What to Read: This holiday season, there’s nothing better you can give your favorite overworked journalist than a good book. Our readers’ list of suggestions for books for journalists is already a good one; please jump in and add your own suggestion.

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