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From the Columbia Journalism Review:

Social Security I—Missing in Action: It’s reasonable for people to debate the merits of ways to slice the deficit or to fix Social Security’s shortfall, but it is not reasonable for the press to serve up one-sided, shallow reporting about Social Security “reform,”  which has been the norm from too many news outlets. Trudy Lieberman says the press is missing something significant, perhaps until quite recently.

Social Security II—”A Scandal” Over the year the country’s elite news outlets and bloggers have carried on quite a conversation about the proposed changes to Social Security—but how these proposals affect ordinary people has been largely absent from the discussion. Trudy Lieberman sat down with longtime political reporter William Greider to talk about why that is so.

Obama Rising?: As the surprisingly active lame duck session draws to a close and the president’s third year in office approaches, a handful of pundits are filling out their presidential report cards. Once again, the Beltway consensus seems to have turned, and the president has bounced up from the deathbed in which we were told he had recently settled. Joel Meares reports.

Grim Sleeper II: The Darts & Laurels feature in our November/December issue recognized the excellent work that L.A. Weekly staff writer Christine Pelisek did in bringing a serial killer’s case to light, and maintaining public attention on the legislation that was necessary to bring “The Grim Sleeper” to justice. Now comes a creepy follow-up, as the police release hundreds of photos seized from the alleged killer’s home, in an effort to see if some of them are also victims. Lauren Kirchner reports.

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