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31 Dec 2010
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US military investigates ‘death squad’ accused of murdering Afghans –Alleged crimes by US unsubs include mutilating bodies, collecting fingers and skulls from corpses as trophies 29 Dec 2010 The US military is investigating the leadership of an army brigade whose soldiers are accused of running a “kill team” that murdered Afghan civilians, as further evidence emerges of widespread complicity in the deaths. A brigadier general is conducting a “top to bottom” review of the 5th Stryker brigade after five of its soldiers were committed for trial early next year charged with involvement in the murders of three Afghans and other alleged crimes including mutilating their bodies, and collecting fingers and skulls from corpses as trophies. [The writers at ‘Criminal Minds’ can take a break. The can just submit scripts of US war logs in Afghanistan and Pakistan — and their work is done. –LRP]

Terrorist watch list: One tip now enough to put name in database, officials say –440,000 on list 29 Dec 2010 A year after a Nigerian man allegedly tried to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner, officials say they have made it easier to add individuals’ names to a terrorist watch list and improved the government’s ability to thwart an attack in the United States. Since then, senior counterterrorism officials say they have altered their criteria so that a single-source tip, as long as it is deemed credible [?!?], can lead to a name being placed on the watch list. The government’s master watch list is one of roughly a dozen lists, or databases, used by counterterrorism officials.

Police demand new stop and search powers after human rights ruling scraps previous law 30 Dec 2010 Police are hoping to win government backing for a new counter-terrorism power to stop and search people without the suspicion of criminal activity. Officers say the powers are needed to better protect the public from attacks against large groups of people. Previously, section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 allowed counter-terrorism stops without suspicion, but this was scrapped by Home Secretary Theresa May after Strasbourg judges said it was illegal.

Police demand new powers to stop and search terror suspects 29 Dec 2010 Police have asked the government for a new counter-terrorism power to stop and search people without having to suspect them of involvement in crime, the Guardian has learned… A previous law allowing counter-terrorism stops without suspicion, section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000, was scrapped this year by the home secretary, Theresa May, after European judges struck it down for breaching human rights. But police, including the Metropolitan force, which leads the UK fight against terrorism, say they need a boost to their counter-terrorism powers, which they worry are now too weak.

All parties demand end to drone attacks 28 Dec 2010 As another [US] drone attack killed more than 20 people on North Waziristan on Monday, all leading political parties of the country unanimously declared that these attacks were tantamount to compromising the sovereignty of Pakistan and the government and the Pakistan Army should take immediate measures to stop them. Leaders of these parties said the government and authorities should sort out the matter in accordance with parliament’s unanimous resolutions and take action against the extremists by itself wherever it is needed.

Afghan war to escalate in 2011 28 Dec 2010 A senior officer of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said on Monday that the war in Afghanistan would escalate in 2011 as the coalition pursues militants. “There is no end to the fighting season; we need to keep pressure on the Taliban all over the country,” ISAF spokesman Brigadier General Joseph Blotz said. “We will see more violence in 2011.”

Insurgents fire rockets into U.S. base 30 Dec 2010 NATO and Afghan police say insurgents fired two rockets early Thursday into the main U.S. base in Afghanistan. Master Sgt. Jason Haag, a spokesman for NATO in Kabul, says “two rounds of indirect fire” were fired at Bagram Air Field, where President Obama made a surprise visit this month. Sher Mohammad Maldani, police chief for Parwan Province where the base is located, said no casualties were reported.

Afghan Soldiers Fire At Canadian Convoy After Road Accident In Kandahar 28 Dec 2010 A small group of Afghan army soldiers shot at a Canadian convoy after a recent road accident southwest of Kandahar city. The incident occurred on Boxing Day when a Canadian re-supply convoy struck an Afghan truck near the Dand district centre. The Canadians stopped to fill out paperwork and then started off down the road. But the Afghan soldiers didn’t want the Canadians to leave the scene and fired their weapons at the convoy and into the air.

NATO trucks attacked in Pakistan, driver killed 29 Dec 2010 Taliban militants in northwest Pakistan attacked two NATO supply trucks early Wednesday, killing a driver and wounding two other people, officials said. Half a dozen militants armed with assault rifles launched the attack in Landikotal, a town in Pakistan’s tribal district of Khyber on the border with Afghanistan, the officials said. Pakistani officials this month reported US drone strikes in Khyber, an apparent expansion of the covert drone programme…

Iraq Wants the U.S. Out –Prime Minister, in Interview, Says Troops Must Leave Next Year as Planned 28 Dec 2010 Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ruled out the presence of any U.S. troops in Iraq after the end of 2011, saying his new government and the country’s security forces were capable of confronting any remaining threats to Iraq’s security, sovereignty and unity. Mr. Maliki spoke with The Wall Street Journal in a two-hour interview… “The last American soldier will leave Iraq” as agreed, he said, speaking at his office in a leafy section of Baghdad’s Green Zone. “This agreement is not subject to extension, not subject to alteration. It is sealed.”

Murder trial for British mercenary opens in Iraq 29 Dec 2010 The trial of a British security contractor charged with killing two of his colleagues last year opened Wednesday in Baghdad with testimony from a guard who said the contractor shot him. Danny Fitzsimons, who attended the hearing, is the first Western on trial in an Iraqi court since a 2009 U.S.-Iraqi security agreement lifted immunity for foreign contractors.

Bomb blasts kill 2, injure 18 in Iraq 31 Dec 2010 As violence continues in different parts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a series of blasts have killed two civilians and injured several others. The worst attack was in the central district of al-Ghadir, where a homemade bomb killed two people and injured three others, police and interior ministry officials said on Thursday. A total of ten explosions took place across Baghdad on Thursday inflicting injuries to 15 other civilians, the interior ministry reported.

Report: US allots billions for nuclear weapons 28 Dec 2010 The United States has allocated billions of dollars to its nuclear weapons complex, despite agreeing to the New START treaty which demands a reduction of nuclear warheads. According to Newsweek, US President Barack Obama’s administration has earmarked 84.5 billion dollars for modernizing America’s nuclear arsenal over the next decade. That is an increase of at least 20 percent compared to money spent on nuclear laboratories during Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush’s tenure.

Mossad agent ‘brought down Egypt’s internet’ 27 Dec 2010 An Egyptian national accused of spying for Mossad has allegedly told his interrogators that Israeli sabotage brought down the country’s internet network two years ago. Severe disruptions to Egypt’s internet service in December 2008 were blamed at the time on damage to underwater data cables caused by a ship’s anchor. But businessman Tareq Abdul Razzaq Hassan told police that the incident was, in fact, the work of Israel’s foreign intelligence agency, according to interrogation records leaked to an independent Egyptian newspaper.

Moshe Katsav convicted of rape, faces long jail term –Court overwhelmingly accepts complainants’ testimony, calls defendant a bully, a liar and a repeat sexual predator 31 Dec 2010 The eighth president of the state, Moshe Katsav, was convicted on Thursday of rape, sexual harassment, committing an indecent act while using force, harassing a witness and obstruction of justice. The decision of the three-judge panel in the Tel Aviv District Court was unanimous in a landmark case that at once stains the country and demonstrates that not even the most elevated citizen is above the law.

‘1,100 Palestinian kids arrested in 2010’ 30 Dec 2010 Nearly 1,100 Palestinian children have been arrested by Israeli troops in 2010, a new report by the Palestinian Authority (PA) Ministry of Detainees’ Affairs shows. The ministry said on Wednesday that about 500 of the above-mentioned figure were detained in the city of al-Khalil (Hebron) in the occupied West Bank, Maan news agency reported. PA Detainees’ Affairs Minister Issa Qaraqe said the high number reflected the Israeli policy to systematically pursue children, particularly in the occupied East al-Quds (Jerusalem), where children were often put under house arrest.

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