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Media Matters – The Big Picture: December 10, 2010

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Willful Supsension of Disbelief: A Strange Trip Through Glenn Beck’s DVD Collection

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Media Matters – Exactly What Glenn Beck Lied About When Vilifying Soros

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From Media Matters:

Exactly What Glenn Beck Lied About When Vilifying Soros

Glenn Beck demanded an apology from Forbes magazine for claiming that he has been “falsely vilifying” George Soros and said, “I’d like to know exactly what I lied about.” Beck’s attacks on Soros are, of course, demonstrably false.

Glenn Beck and his loony-board on Julian Assange’s case

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Media Matters – Historians Dismantle Beck’s Roman History Lesson

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From Media Matters:

Historians Dismantle Beck’s Roman History Lesson

On both his radio and Fox News programs this week, Glenn Beck sought to show how the U.S. is “repeating the exact mistakes” that led to the fall of the Roman Republic. But according to Roman history experts consulted by Media Matters, Beck’s history lesson distorted or fabricated key facts.

Media Matters – Beck still doesn’t understand net neutrality

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From Media Matters:

Beck still doesn’t understand net neutrality

November 22, 2010 11:46 pm ET

Glenn Beck again claimed that proposed net neutrality rules are “basically a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet” and would allow the government to “control what you see on the Internet.” In fact, net neutrality prohibits Internet service providers from controlling access to Internet content, and — contrary to Beck’s suggestion — would not require Fox to change its content.

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TYT – Glenn Beck Attacks Bruce Springsteen

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