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Rachel Maddow – Gingrich returns to strip club for money

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Talking Points Memo – Coal Interests Fueling Gingrich’s Cash-Burning 527

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From Talking Points Memo:

Coal Interests Fueling Gingrich’s Cash-Burning 527

The recently released IRS filings of Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions for Winning the Future makes a few things clear: the coal industry loves him; he’s a fan of private planes; and for a self proclaimed fiscal conservative, he’s getting a measly return on the millions he’s throwing at a Christian telemarketing company that raises cash for the 527 group. Read more »

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Media Matters – The Big Picture: December 10, 2010

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Justin Elliott – Enterprising Newt hawking holiday junk

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From Salon:

Enterprising Newt hawking holiday junk

By Justin Elliott

Money-hungry Newt hawking holiday junk
AP/Mike Theiler//iStockphoto/GuidoVrola

There increasingly seems to be a correlation between the intensity with which Newt Gingrich says he is mulling a presidential bid and the urgency with which he hawks his books and CDs to the conservative masses.

The former House speaker and perennial almost-presidential-candidate recently said on Fox News that he is “much more inclined to run than not run” in 2012. Meanwhile, in the past few weeks, Gingrich has been furiously trying to sell his historical novels and self-help books.

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Ed Show – Gingrich shows concern for the wealthy

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Rachel Maddow- Newt Gingrich Scam

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Newt Gingrich Is Officially Insane

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