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Palestinian Villages Destroyed and Depopulated During the Nakba

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Israeli army demolishes water cisterns in Khashem Ad-Daraj, South Hebron Hills

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In the Spider’s Web

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From abumiz | December 12, 2010

In the Spider’s Web is a 47-minute long documentary produced in 2004 by Al-Haq and directed by Hannah Musleh. The film is part of Al-Haq’s campaign to stop collective punishment practiced by Israeli occupying forces against Palestinian civilians.

Through In the Spider’s Web Al-Haq provides an overview of these punitive measures against the Palestinian civilians. While the film mainly addresses the accounts of two women, it also highlights the impact that collective punishment has on the whole civilian population. The film also takes the audience to a girls; school in Hebron, where it shows a typical day in the lives of these students. The documentary also seeks to capture and relay some of the disastrous implications of the continuing construction of the Annexation Wall and the further expropriation of land for its construction.

في شباك العنكبوت فيلم وثائقي من انتاج مؤسسة الحق وإخراج حنّا مصلح عام 2004. جاء الفيلم في سياق حملة دولية مناهضة للعقوبات الجماعية التي تمارسها قوات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي ضد المدنيين الفلسطينيين في الأرض الفلسطينية المحتلة. وقد أطلقت “الحق” هذه الحملة في كانون ثاني 2004 بهدف وضع الدول الموقعة على اتفاقية جنيف الرابعة أمام مسؤولياتها القانونية بموجب المادة الأولى منها

يتناول الفيلم على مدى 47 دقيقة بعض جوانب المعاناة التي يعيشها الفلسطينيون تحت الاحتلال، ويركز على امرأة استشهد زوجها أثناء نقلها للمستشفى وهي تعاني آلام المخاض، وكذلك قصة عائلة فلسطينية أخرى في الخليل تعاني نتيجة منع التجول الطويل وممارسات المستوطنين

Beyond Words: Palestinian Voices in Search of Justice

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Mosaic News 12/14/10: World News From The Middle East

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UN findings on Israeli human rights breeches

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The Guardian – Gaza war crimes investigation: human shields

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Jonathan Cook – With Netanyahu bribe, Washington going for broke

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From The Electronic Intifada:

With Netanyahu bribe, Washington going for broke

Jonathan Cook, The Electronic Intifada, 17 November 2010

With this latest diplomatic development the Palestinians will be the losers, again. (Oren Ziv/ActiveStills)

Watching the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians drag on year after year without conclusion, it is easy to overlook the enormous changes that have taken place on the ground since the Oslo accords were signed 17 years ago.

Each has undermined the Palestinians’ primary goal of achieving viable statehood, whether it is the near-trebling of Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank to the current numbers of half a million, Israel’s increasing stranglehold on East Jerusalem, the wall that has effectively annexed large slices of the West Bank to Israel, or the splitting of the Palestinian national movement into rival camps following Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005.

Another setback of similar magnitude may be unfolding as Barack Obama dangles a lavish package of incentives in the face of Benjamin Netanyahu in an attempt to lure the Israeli prime minister into renewing a three-month, partial freeze on Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank.

The generosity of the US president’s package, which includes twenty combat aircraft worth $3 billion and backing for Israel’s continued military presence in the Jordan Valley after the declaration of a Palestinian state, has prompted even Thomas Friedman of The New York Times to compare it to a “bribe.”

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Identity and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

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TheRealNews | November 16, 2010
Israel: A refuge or a colonial project? Pt.5 Israeli historian Tom Segev
To watch a multi-part episode, click the link Below:…

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Seraj Assi – Kufur Qasim Massacre: The Triumph of Memory

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From The Palestine Chronicles:

Kufur Qasim Massacre: The Triumph of Memory

Some of those who were massacred in Kufur Qasim on October 29, 1956.

By Seraj Assi

On October 29, 1956, the Israel Border Police (Magav) announced a sudden curfew on the village of Kufur Qasim located on the Israeli side of the Green Line. Colonel Yiskhar Shadmi, then the Brigade Commander of Israel’s Central District, gathered the border patrol battalion commanders and instructed them to shot and kill anyone found outside his or her place during the curfew, including women and children. When asked what to do with those workers who were unaware of the curfew, he replied with the cynical Arabic term “Allah Yirhamhu (May God have mercy on him).

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Caterpillar Bulldozer

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Imperial Geography – Palestine and Israel with David Barsamian

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Palistine Think Tank – Khalid Amayreh: Palestinians need a commission of truth

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From Palestine Think Tank:

Khalid Amayreh – Palestinians need a commission of truth

By Khalid Amayreh • Oct 5th, 2010 at 22:26

barb wire

There are portents of reconciliation in the air, and Palestinians and their friends and allies are quite optimistic that Fatah and Hamas may finally be on their way to close one of the saddest chapters in our recent history.

Needless to say, the national rift which emanated from manifestly treacherous efforts by American-backed elements within the Fatah movement to effectively undo the outcome of the 2006 elections, which Hamas won decisively, wreaked havoc on the Palestinian cause and thoroughly poisoned inter-Palestinian relations to an extent never seen before.

We all know how the former Bush administration utilized the bribeable and buyable elements within Fatah to carry out a bloody coup aimed at decapitating Hamas once and for all in the Gaza Strip. Which eventually forced Hamas to do what it did in July, 2007.

Likewise, and looking retrospectively, one might safely claim that had the Fatah leadership refused American and Israeli solicitations and incitement, the Palestinian arena would have been spared the hateful ramifications of the rift.

I know for sure that Hamas didn’t enjoy the so-called “victory” over Fatah three years ago. In the final analysis, a victory against one’s brother and countryman is not a real victory; it was rather a real defeat for both Hamas and Fatah and the entire Palestinian people and its just cause.

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Nur Masalha “The Conspiracy of Silence”

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Francis A. Boyle – The Impending Collapse Of Israel In Palestine

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From Countercurrents:

The Impending Collapse Of Israel In Palestine

By Francis A. Boyle

01 October, 2010


After twenty-two years of getting nowhere but further screwed to Israel’s apartheid wall on the West Bank and strangulated in Gaza, it is now time for the Palestinians to adopt a new strategy, which I most respectfully recommend here for them to consider: Sign nothing and let Israel collapse! Recently it was reported that the United States’ own Central Intelligence Agency predicted the collapse of Israel within twenty years. My most respectful advice to the Palestinians is to let Israel so collapse!


In fact, Israel has never been a State but just an Army masquerading as a State — a Potemkin Village of a State. Israel is the archetypal Great Band of Robbers described by St. Augustine in Book 4, Chapter 4 of The City of God:

Kingdoms without justice are similar to robber barons. And so if justice is left out, what are kingdoms except great robber bands? For what are robber bands except little kingdoms? The band also is a group of men governed by the orders of a leader, bound by social compact, and its booty is divided according to a law agreed upon. If by repeatedly adding desperate men this plague grows to the point where it holds territory and establishes a fixed seat, seizes cites and subdues peoples, then it more conspicuously assumes the name of kingdom, and this name is now openly granted to it, not for any subtraction of cupidity, but by addition of impunity….


It is obvious that soon Zionism will enter into Trotsky’s “ashcan” of history along with every other nationalistic “ism” that has plagued humankind during the twentieth century: Nazism, Fascism, Francoism, Phalangism, Stalinism, Maoism, etc. The only thing that could save Zionism in Palestine is for the Palestinians to conclude any type of so-called comprehensive Middle East Peace treaty with Israel. It is for precisely that reason then that the Palestinians must sign nothing and let Israel collapse of its own weight over the next two decades.

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Confronting The Wall

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The History of Palestine

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From abumiz:

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