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Lee Fang – The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce’s History Of Placing Narrow Corporate Interests Over Public Interest

November 25, 2010 Leave a comment

From Think Progress:

The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce’s History Of Placing Narrow Corporate Interests Over Public Interest

By Lee Fang on Nov 23rd, 2010 at 10:50 am

Over the weekend, CNN’s Ed Henry drummed up the idea that President Obama should to go to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest right-wing big business lobby, to give a speech as a “peace offering.” The Chamber, which helped kill President Obama’s initiatives on climate change, clean energy, labor reform, and lobbied against Obama’s reforms on health care and Wall Street reform, also funneled $75 million into helping elect Republicans in the midterm elections. “It would be particularly good timing for Obama to try and set the agenda and tee up his State of the Union address later in the month, not to mention hit the reset button on his fractured relationship with the business community,” wrote Henry, eagerly cheering on the move. Yesterday, the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein confirmed that administration officials are indeed interested in reaching out to the Chamber.

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Former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay Convicted Of Money Laundering Charges

Rachel Slajda – NYT Pulls Back Curtain On Corporate Donations To Chamber

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From TPM:

NYT Pulls Back Curtain On Corporate Donations To Chamber

Rachel Slajda | October 22, 2010, 10:25AM

U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue


The Chamber of Commerce, as a non-profit “business league” in the eyes of the IRS, is legally allowed to withhold the names of its donors from public filings. So it does.

The names of Chamber donors, and the amount they donate, are so secret that when the New York Times set out to find out who they were, it didn’t find much. But what it did find provided a window into the kind of legislation companies are willing to spend millions to defeat.

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Keith Olbermann on the Chamber of Commerce outsourcing American jobs.

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Mike Papantonio and Christ Setzer discuss U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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Think Progress – Chamber Receives At Least $885,000 From Over 80 Foreign Companies In Disclosed Donations Alone

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

From Think Progress:

Exclusive: Chamber Receives At Least $885,000 From Over 80 Foreign Companies In Disclosed Donations Alone

Last week, ThinkProgress published an exclusive story about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s foreign fundraising operation. We noted the Chamber raises money from foreign-owned businesses for its 501(c)(6) entity, the same account that finances its unprecedented $75 million dollar partisan attack ad campaign. While the Chamber is notoriously secretive, the thrust of our story involved the disclosure of fundraising documents U.S. Chamber staffers had been distributing to solicit foreign (even state-owned) companies to donate directly to the Chamber’s 501(c)(6).

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Over A Million Jobs Lost In Districts Where Pro-Outsourcing Chamber Advertises

Two simple facts remain irrefutable when it comes to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s election spending. First, the Chamber accepts foreign money, which by its own admission goes into a general 501(c)(6) account. Second, the Chamber is buying massive amounts of political advertising from that account — just this week, the Chamber spent an unprecedented $10 million on advertising in competitive House and Senate districts.


Double Standard: Fox Fear Mongers About ‘Ground Zero Mosque’s’ Foreign Funding, But Defends The Chamber’s


News Corporation Shareholders Rebel Against Company’s Political Donations

In August, News Corporation — the media company owned by right-wing tycoon Rupert Murdoch and the operator of Fox News — gave $1 million to the Republican Governors Association. Several weeks later, it donated another $1 million to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The Progress Report – The Chamber’s Non-Disclosure

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

From The Progress Report:

The Chamber’s Non-Disclosure

Since reported on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s foreign sources of funding last week, the media appears to have been confused about the report due to the spin coming from the right. Here are the facts that our report established: 1) The Chamber gladly accepts money from foreign companies, and the Chamber acknowledges that fact. 2) Those funds go into a general 501(c)(6) account, and the Chamber acknowledges that fact. 3) The Chamber refuses to disclose its system for ensuring foreign money is not influencing our elections, and the Chamber claims, “We are not obligated to discuss our internal procedures.” While the Chamber claims that it does not use foreign funds to finance its election ads — which is illegal — thus far, the corporate lobby has refused to offer any proof to alleviate the concerns raised by the ThinkProgress report. Lawmakers and outside groups have called for investigations into whether the Chamber is using foreign money to fund campaign ads. Even President Obama weighed in last week. “Groups that receive foreign money are spending huge sums to influence American elections. And they won’t tell you where the money for the ads come from,” the President said. “This is a threat to our democracy.”

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Climate Progress – Foreign-funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber of Commerce running partisan attack ads against many champions of climate action and clean energy

October 6, 2010 Leave a comment

From Climate Progress:

Foreign-funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber of Commerce running partisan attack ads against many champions of climate action and clean energy
October 6, 2010

The Chamber of Commerce is one of the leading lobbyists against — and promoters of disinformation about — clean energy and climate action  (see “Luddite U.S. Chamber seeks “the Scopes monkey trial of the 21st century” on global warming).

Since clean energy and low carbon technologies will be one of the biggest sources of job creation this century — and since the nearly billion dollars a day Americans send out of this country to buy oil harms our economic security — the Chamber is not merely working to destroy the health and well-being of our children and countless future generations, but also to undermine US competitiveness (see Seventh Generation founder: “The US Chamber of Commerce doesn’t act in the best interest of business…. I think it’s a reputational risk to be associated with the Chamber, given their behavior”).

A Think Progress investigation details the extreme lengths this effectively extremist organization is going to elect members of Congress who will work tirelessly to ensure that the US never regains its leadership in clean energy and that we fail to act in time to avert catastrophic human-caused global warming.

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The Progress Report – The Chamber’s Foreign Influence

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From The Progress Report:

The Chamber’s Foreign Influence

Following the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in January, the right-wing U.S. Chamber of Commerce has taken record-breaking steps to influence the 2010 midterm elections. Pledging to spend an unprecedented $75 million this year, the Chamber is in the midst of launching one of the largest partisan attack campaigns to defeat Democrats, including candidates like Jack Conway (KY), Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA), Jerry Brown (CA), Rep. Joe Sestak (PA) and  Rep. Tom Perriello (VA). Having aired more than 8,000 campaign ads on behalf of GOP Senate candidates alone and having spent 85 percent of its current expenditure on Republicans, the Chamber’s spending has “dwarfed every other issue group and most political party candidate committee spending.” It is well-established that the Chamber has used dues from corporations like health insurance giant Aetna to try to defeat health care reform, received contributions from bailed-out banks to lobby against Wall Street reform, and solicited funds from Fox News’ parent company News Corporation for its election season attack campaign. But a new ThinkProgress investigation reveals that the Chamber is leveraging foreign companies to help fund its activities. Foreign corporations that join the Chamber pay dues that go into the Chamber’s general account, which the Chamber then employs to fund its attack campaign. The Chamber “firmly denies the charge, saying its internal accounting rules prevent any foreign money from being used for political purposes.” But, as a New York Times editorial notes today, foreign money is fungible, so “it is impossible for an outsider to know whether the group is following its rules.” “We want to know what the system is. Basically, they claim they have a system, it’s not enough to simply trust them, we need to verify,” said ThinkProgress’ Editor-in-Chief Faiz Shakir on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews yesterday. While Congressional members and watchdog groups are calling for further investigation into the charges, such campaign actions fall into “something of a regulatory netherworld” leading campaign finance watchdogs, lawyers, and current and former federal officials to believe regulatory agencies like the IRS or the FEC will not examine them closely. Thus, with the Citizens United ruling and the Chamber’s abuse of its 501(c)(6) standing, the Chamber is set to use “unlimited money from donors who have no fear of disclosure.”

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