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Son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: Why We Must Fight to Protect WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

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Glen Greenwald defends Wikileaks’ Julian Assange on CNN

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The WikiLeaks documentary

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Rachel Maddow – Michael Moore On WikiLeaks

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Columbia University – Wikileaks and Academia: a Panel Discussion at Columbia SIPA

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Attorney: Swedish Case is a “Holding Charge” to Get WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Extradited to U.S.

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John Pilger: Global Support for WikiLeaks is “Rebellion” Against U.S. Militarism, Secrecy

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GRITtv: Personal Democracy Forum: Is Watchdog Press Dead?

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WikiRebels: The Documentary on Wikileaks

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Wikileaks: Canadian Climate Change Coverup

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AMERICAblog – WikiLeaks: US taxpayer money used for child sex slavery in Afghanistan

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From AMERICAblog:

WikiLeaks: US taxpayer money used for child sex slavery in Afghanistan

by Chris in Paris on 12/11/2010 09:30:00 PM

And it’s not important for American taxpayers to discover this horrible news because…why? What kind of person in Washington hides this information? Even worse, what kind of person believes this should be protected data? As we have witnessed with the ongoing child rape story within the Catholic Church, covering up problems like this are immoral, but also a crime. Are those suggesting legal action or death to Julian Assange really interested in a similar cover up?

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Breaking the Calm – Musing on Misinformation & Morons

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From Breaking the Calm

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Musing on Misinformation & Morons.

The net is abuzz with a rumor claiming that the CIA is behind a Wikileaks mirror that was hosted at  This rumor lacked any real evidence, yet was reported by many in the hacker/hacktivist community as fact.

The rumor was started by a comment on On Thursday, December 9th 2010 at 08:28 PM PST Reddit user isoteemu commented:

“I was going thru WikiLeaks mirrors list, and noticed a small oddity; was on netblock which belonged Central Intelligence Agency. It has now changed, but 010-12-08 12:27:34 (EEST) was still registered for CIA.”

Most users replied with more baseless speculation, while the few users asking for real evidence were drowned out by a beautiful circle-jerk of ignorance.

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Fair – World’s Largest Arms Dealer Strains to Stop Arms Flow

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From Fair:

World’s Largest Arms Dealer Strains to Stop Arms Flow

12/07/2010 by Jim Naureckas

One gets the impression, reading the New York Times‘ coverage of the WikiLeaks cables, that the paper is particularly interested in documents that portray the State Department in a good light, struggling to do good in a world that continually resists its efforts. Take today’s front-page piece (12/7/10), “America Prods and Protests But Can’t Halt Arms Trade.”

The piece, by Michael Gordon and Andrew Lehren, details “the United States’ efforts to prevent buildups of arms…in some of the world’s tensest regions.” The piece does include an acknowledgment that “the United States is the world’s largest arms supplier, and with Russia, dominates trade in the developing world”; the U.S. is, in fact, the seller in 40 percent of global arms deals, and delivers arms to some of the most repressive and war-torn countries in the world (Extra!, 5/10).  Gordon and Lehren go on to note, “Its role as a purveyor of weapons to certain allies–including Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states–has drawn criticism that it has fueled an arms race.”

But aside from these two sentences of context, the rest of the article overwhelmingly presents the contradictory case that, as the Times‘ Web headline has it, the “U.S. Strains to Stop Arms Flow.”

Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg: Julian Assange is Not a Terrorist

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Bolivian Pres. Evo Morales at Cancún Climate Summit: WikiLeaks Cables Reveal “Diplomacy of Empire”

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War in Context – How WikiLeaks turned the First Amendment into a ‘problem’

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From War in Context:

How WikiLeaks turned the First Amendment into a ‘problem’

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 11:30 AM PST

First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams says: “WikiLeaks may just be the price we pay for freedom of the press in this country.” Why not: “WikiLeaks demonstrates the value of the First Amendment”? After all, what’s the good of having a free press when journalists so willingly serve the interests of the establishment? If the Fourth Estate had […]

Latest graduate in FBI’s terrorist training program

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 10:17 AM PST

Since it’s difficult to identify and capture terrorists, the FBI seems to have concluded that an effective counter-terrorism program can only work if they first find potential terrorists, coach them and then catch them. It’s a bit like sports hunting for those whose pride in displaying a trophy is undiminished by the fact that the […]

Why Assange and Wikileaks have won this round

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 08:13 AM PST

Ian Welsh writes: The odd thing about Wikileaks is that their success has been assured, not by what they leaked, though there is some important information there, but by their enemies. The massive and indiscriminate overreaction by both government and powerful corporate actors has ensured this, and includes but is not nearly limited to: Shutting down Wikileaks servers, […]

The accusations against Assange

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 07:50 AM PST

Kate Harding writes: You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to find the timing of Interpol’s warrant for the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who turned himself in to British authorities today, curious. The charges — “one count of unlawful coercion, two counts of sexual molestation and one count of rape,” according to a […]

How the US and China colluded to undermine Copenhagen climate summit

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 04:00 AM PST

Der Spiegel reports: Last year’s climate summit in Copenhagen was a political disaster. Leaked US diplomatic cables now show why the summit failed so spectacularly. The dispatches reveal that the US and China, the world’s top two polluters, joined forces to stymie every attempt by European nations to reach agreement. In May 2009 the Chinese leaders received […]

US effort to limit Sadr bloc’s influence in new Iraqi government

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 03:00 AM PST

Christian Science Monitor reports: The US is warning that it could cut substantial funding to Iraq’s Health, Education, and Transport ministries if the anti-American Sadr bloc is given those cabinet posts in a new government being formed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The comments by a senior US embassy official were the clearest public statements yet of […]

Lying for the State Department

Posted: 08 Dec 2010 05:49 PM PST

Is skill in the art of lying a prerequisite for the job of State Department spokesman, or is it just an ability acquired through on-the-job training? James Rubin, State spokesman for the Clinton administration, demonstrated that he retains his fluency in an interview he did this afternoon alongside Salon’s Glenn Greenwald and John Burns from the […]

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Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa on WikiLeaks Secret Cables, September Coup, and Controversial REDD

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The Real News – Wikileaks and the Diplomacy of Secrecy

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Guardian Environment Editor John Vidal on WikiLeaks Cables and U.S. Manipulation of Climate Talks

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Smearing the Wiki Messenger

December 7, 2010 Leave a comment – WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia’s Growing Influence

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WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia’s Growing Influence

WikiLeaks Fights to Stay Online Amid Attacks

S. Korea Again Vows Retaliation Against North

Covert War Against Iran Takes Chilling Turn

Baghdad Bombs Targeting Shi’ite Areas Kill 17

Abbas: Last Resort – I’ll Ask Israel to Take Over

Yemen President ‘Opened Door’ to US Forces

Cable reveals Mafia-government connection — But US media don’t care to dig for the story

by Justin Raimondo, December 03, 2010

I love how the pundits are yawning over the latest WikiLeaks revelations: oh, there’s nothing to see here, it’s all so boring, no “smoking gun,” so let’s just move right along. These people are just plain lazy: they want “scoops” delivered to their front doors, all neatly packaged and labeled as such. In short, they don’t want to have to do any work, beyond the usual cut-and-paste. Which is why a lot of the really juicy stuff coming out of WikiLeaks continues to elude them.

Take, for example, this excerpt from a cable dated May 15, 2009 — entitled “Israel, A Promised Land for Organized Crime?” – sent by our embassy in Tel Aviv, which deals with the rising influence of Israeli organized crime:

“As recently as March 2009, Zvika Ben Shabat, Yaacov Avitan, and Tzuri Roka requested visas to attend a ‘security-related convention’ in Las Vegas. According to local media reports, all three had involvement with OC. Post asked the applicants to provide police reports for any criminal records in Israel, but without such evidence there is no immediate ineligibility for links to OC. Luckily, all three have so far failed to return for continued adjudication of their applications. Nevertheless, it is fair to assume that many known OC figures hold valid tourist visas to the United States and travel freely.”

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Glenn Greenwald – Joe Lieberman emulates Chinese dictators

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From Salon:

Joe Lieberman emulates Chinese dictators

By Glenn Greenwald

(updated below – Update II – Update III)

The comparison of these two passages is so telling in so many ways:

The Washington Post, today:

Revelations by the organization WikiLeaks have received blanket coverage this week on television, in newspapers and on Web sites around the globe. But in parts of the world where the leaks have some of the greatest potential to sow controversy, they have barely caused a ripple.

Authoritarian governments and tightly controlled media in China and across the Arab Middle East have suppressed virtually all mention of the documents, avoiding the public backlash that could result from such candid portrayals of their leaders’ views.

In China, the WikiLeaks site has been blocked by the government’s “Great Firewall,” and access to other sources for the documents has been restricted.  Most Chinese are unable to read the contents of the diplomatic cables. . . .

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More Joe Lieberman-caused Internet censorship

By Glenn Greenwald

(updated below – Update II)

Following up on my post from earlier today about Joe Lieberman’s Chinese-replicating Internet censorship efforts (and please read that first for the context), I wanted this to be highlighted separately: The New York Times reports that another company has now capitulated to Lieberman’s demands:  “a Seattle-based software company, Tableau, which provides a free Web platform for interactive graphics, removed charts uploaded by WikiLeaks in response to Sen. Joe Lieberman’s public statement that companies should stop helping the whistle-blowers.”  Tableau issued a statement, which reads in part:

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WikiLeaks debate with Steven Aftergood

By Glenn Greenwald

(updated below)

I was on Democracy Now this morning debating WikiLeaks with Steven Aftergood, the long-time transparency advocate with Federation for American Scientists and Secrecy News, and a vociferous critic of WikiLeaks.  Because of his harsh and continuous deunciations of the group, Aftergood has been held up by many media outlets such as Newsweek as evidence that even transparency campaigners condemn them.  This debate, in my view, highlights the core disputes surrounding WikiLeaks quite vividly and is thus worth watching.  One added note:  Democracy Now, unsurprisingly, has been providing some of the best and most informative coverage of the WikiLeaks disclosures; see here (and scroll down) for the links to their superb reporting and interviews all week long:

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techdirt – Lieberman Introduces New Censorship Bill In Kneejerk Response To Wikileaks

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From techdirt:

Lieberman Introduces New Censorship Bill In Kneejerk Response To Wikileaks (Free Speech)

by Mike Masnick from the where’s-that-first-amendment dept on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 @ 5:39PM

With Amazon dumping Wikileaks due to pressure from Senator Joe Lieberman, it seems to have only emboldened Lieberman to shred more of the First Amendment he’s supposed to be protecting. First, he has continued pressuring other companies to not host Wikileaks content. This has resulted in Tableau Software removing a visualization of Wikileaks data. People have pointed out that there was no sensitive data in what it had published, but because of Lieberman’s grandstanding, the company felt the need to remove the chart. Of course, you can still find the damn chart everywhere online, and I’m going to publish it here (Senator, feel free to give me a call about this), because it should be damn obvious that publishing something like this is not revealing any sensitive info. It’s all based on the data around the leaked cables, not the cables themselves.

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How The US Response Turns ‘Failed’ Terrorist Attacks Into Successes (News You Could Do Without)

by Mike Masnick from the playing-the-game-they-want dept on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 @ 6:24AM

Terrorism is a serious issue. No one’s trying to downplay the fact that some very angry individuals are trying to kill an awful lot of Americans (and others as well). However, what’s amazing is how incredibly bad the US appears to be at this particular game of chess. Robert Wright recently had a bit of an eye-opening discussion of how the US appears to have played into Al Qaeda’s plan at almost every turn. It’s another case of the US simply not understanding how to respond to a distributed threat, rather than a centralized one. The whole business is based on getting the US to overreact and overspend and get it caught in a quagmire that causes additional problem s. And, increasingly, it looks like that’s exactly what’s happened.

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Paul Craig Roberts – A Government Caught Up in Mendacity and Lies

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From Information Clearing House:

A Government Caught Up in Mendacity and Lies

By Paul Craig Roberts

The reaction to WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange tells us all we need to know about the total corruption of our “modern” world, which in fact is a throwback to the Dark Ages.

Some member of the United States government released to WikiLeaks the documents that are now controversial. The documents are controversial, because they are official US documents and show all too clearly that the US government is a duplicitous entity whose raison d’etre is to control every other government.

The media, not merely in the US but also throughout the English speaking world and Europe, has shown its hostility to WikiLeaks.  The reason is obvious. WikiLeaks reveals truth, while the media covers up for the US government and its puppet states.

Why would anyone with a lick of sense read the media when they can read original material from WikiLeaks?  The average American reporter and editor must be very angry that his/her own cowardice is so clearly exposed by Julian Assange. The American media is a whore, whereas the courageous blood of warriors runs through WikiLeaks’ veins.

Just as American politicians want Bradley Manning executed because he revealed crimes of the US government, they want Julian Assange executed. In the past few days the more notorious of the dumbshits that sit in the US Congress have denounced Assange as a “traitor to America.” What total ignorance. Assange is an Australian, not an American citizen. To be a traitor to America, one has to be of the nationality. An Australian cannot be a traitor to America any more than an American can be a traitor to Australia. But don’t expect the morons who represent the lobbyists to know this much.

Mike Huckabee, the redneck baptist preacher who was governor of Arkansas and, to America’s already overwhelming shame, was third runner up to the Republican presidential nomination, has called for Assange’s execution. So here we have a “man of God” calling for the US government to murder an Australian citizen.  And Americans wonder why the rest of the world hates their guts.

The material leaked from the US government to WikiLeaks shows that the US government is an extremely disreputable gang of gangsters. The US government was able to get British prime minister Brown to “fix” the official Chilcot Investigation into how former prime minister Tony Blair manipulated and lied the British government into being mercenaries for the US invasion of Iraq. One of the “diplomatic” cables released has UK Defense Ministry official Jon Day promising the United States government that prime minister Brown’s government has “put measures in place to protect your interests.”

Other cables show the US government threatening Spanish prime minister Zapatero, ordering him to stop his criticisms of the Iraq war or else. I mean, really, how dare these foreign governments to think that they are sovereign.

Not only foreign governments are under the US thumb. So is Joe Lieberman from Connecticut, who is Israel’s most influential senator in the US Senate, delivered sufficiently credible threats to Amazon to cause the company to oust WikiLeaks content from their hosting service.

So there you have it. On the one hand the US government and the prostitute American media declare that there is nothing new in the hundreds of thousands of documents, yet on the other hand both pull out all stops to shut down WikiLeaks and its founder. Obviously, despite the US government’s denials, the documents are extremely damaging. The documents show that the US government is not what it pretends to be.

Assange is in hiding. He fears CIA and Mossad assassination, and to add to his troubles the government of Sweden has changed its mind, perhaps as a result of American persuasion and money, about sex charges that the Swedish government had previously dismissed for lack of credibility.  If reports are correct, two women, who possibly could be CIA or Mossad assets, have brought sex charges against Assange. One claims that she was having consensual sexual intercourse with him, but that he didn’t stop when she asked him to when the condom broke.

Think about this for a minute. Other than male porn stars who are bored with it all, how many men can stop at the point of orgasm or when approaching orgasm?  How does anyone know where Assange was in the process of the sex act?

Would a real government that had any integrity and commitment to truth try to blacken the name of the prime truth teller of our time on the basis of such flimsy charges?

Obviously, Sweden has become another two-bit punk puppet government of the US.

The US government has got away with telling lies for so long that it no longer hesitates to lie in the most blatant way. WikiLeaks released a US classified document signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that explicitly orders US diplomats to spy on UN Security council officials and on the Secretary General of the United Nations.  The cable is now in the public record. No one challenges its authenticity. Yet, today the Obama regime, precisely White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, declared that Hillary had never ordered or even asked US officials to spy on UN officials.

As asked: Who do you believe, the printed word with Hillary’s signature or the White House?

Anyone who believes the US government about anything is the epitome of gullibility.

David Corn – WikiLeaks Cables Reveal Obama and GOPers Worked Together to Kill Bush Torture Probe

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From AlterNet:

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal Obama and GOPers Worked Together to Kill Bush Torture Probe

In its first months in office, the Obama administration sought to protect Bush administration officials facing criminal investigation overseas for their involvement in establishing policies the that governed interrogations of detained terrorist suspects. A “confidential” April 17, 2009, cable sent from the US embassy in Madrid to the State Department—one of the 251,287 cables obtained by WikiLeaks—details how the Obama administration, working with Republicans, leaned on Spain to derail this potential prosecution.    Read more

By David Corn | Mother Jones
Posted on Thursday, December 2, 2010 @ 08:25 AM

Wikileaks CableGate Day 4 – Tom Flanagan Apology and Retraction

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TPMMuckraker – How Lieberman Got Amazon To Drop Wikileaks

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From TPMMuckraker:

How Lieberman Got Amazon To Drop Wikileaks

Early this week, after hacker attacks on its site, Wikileaks moved its operation, including all those diplomatic cables, to the greener pastures of’s cloud servers. But today, it was down again and mid-afternoon we found out the reason: Amazon had axed Wikileaks from its servers. Read more »

Attorney Confirms WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange in Britain, Responds to U.S. Attacks

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Journalist Jeremy Scahill: WikiLeaks Cables Confirm Secret U.S. War Ops in Pakistan

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The Guardian – WikiLeaks cables: Secret deal let Americans sidestep cluster bomb ban

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From The Guardian:

WikiLeaks cables: Secret deal let Americans sidestep cluster bomb ban

Officials concealed from parliament how US is allowed to bring weapons on to British soil in defiance of treaty

Rob Evans and David Leigh

Wednesday 1 December 2010 22.59 GMT

An expert from the Mines Advisory Group inspects an Israeli cluster bomb in Ouazaiyeh, Lebanon
An expert from the Mines Advisory Group inspects an unexploded Israeli cluster bomb in the Lebanese village of Ouazaiyeh, Lebanon, after the 2006 war. Photograph: Mohammed Zaatari/AP

British and American officials colluded in a plan to hoodwink parliament over a proposed ban on cluster bombs, the Guardian can disclose.

According to leaked US embassy dispatches, David Miliband, who was Britain’s foreign secretary under Labour, approved the use of a loophole to manoeuvre around the ban and allow the US to keep the munitions on British territory.

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